Hi! It’s me.

My relationship with food has always been a positive one…

Thank you for stopping by Ash Does Food. Where do I start? My name is Ashley, I grew up in Cold Lake, AB. My mother is Filipino and my father is Quebecois. I’ve played the piano for majority of my life and basketball throughout the entirety of high school. Finally excited to get out of small town living, I moved three hours south to Edmonton in 2010 where I studied at MacEwan University and earned my Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in marketing and management. After living my best #YEG life for nearly ten years, I packed up my bags and moved another three hours south to Calgary – where I currently reside. Maybe in another ten years I’ll move another three hours south? Nah.

Growing up in Cold Lake, my main exposure to food was through my mother. She grew up in the Philippines, lived in Hong Kong for almost a decade, and then came here. She showed me the foods from my Filipino roots, as well as made me delicious Cantonese dishes she learned while living in HK. Growing up she’s always experimented with new dishes and baked goods. I believe this is where my love of food and trying new things stems from. Throughout university and a few years after (basically my entire time in Edmonton), I finally was able to try SO MANY RESTAURANTS (Cold Lake is a small town – I can count the restaurants there on my hands).

Anyways, fast forward to February 2019, I’m a month into living in Calgary and I realize my photo storage cloud has years and years worth of food photos. I always took photos of places I wanted to remember and food I was proud of making. Maybe it was living somewhere new and lacking a social circle, or maybe it was needing an extra reason to go out to eat – I decided to start @AshDoesFood, the Foodstagram.

Ash Does Food is where you’ll find my honest reviews of places I loved and many didn’t love. You’ll also see many homemade meals by me, because well, I love to cook. I’ve decided to also use this website to showcase my travel vlogs (which, you guessed it, have food in them). Thank you again for stopping by, it’s VERY MUCH appreciated. Make sure to follow me @AshDoesFood and subscribe to my email list to be the first to see anything I publish. Bye!

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